How the Food Bank works…


The team and Christians across the city pray for the food/toiletries and finance to come in. Jesus is faithful and we experience miraculous provision every week.

Food is donated
Churches, schools, businesses and individuals donate non-perishable, in-date food. All food given out by The Well is donated or bought with money donated. Find out more

Food is sorted and stored
Volunteers weigh and sort the food & toiletries, check it is in date, add ‘With Love From Jesus Christ’ stickers and place on racking ready to put in parcels.

Referrals Received
Care professionals such as Children’s Centre staff, Housing Support Workers, Social Workers, Job Centre Staff, CAB and YMCA identify people in crisis and phone The Well with the referral details.

Database Check
We are a crisis service, so limit parcels to a maximum of 4 in a 6 month period unless there are exceptional circumstances. Our database enables us to check how many parcels a person has received.

Parcels are prepared
Volunteers pack parcels with 3 days of nutritionally balanced food for each person in the household, plus other items where needed (baby/adult toiletries, household cleaning items). We offer a vegetarian option and cater for diabetics and those with allergies where we can.

Parcels are delivered
Our team of drivers deliver the parcels to the person’s address, or to the referral agency where requested.