• New, unborn
  • Clean
  • Baby clothes/bedding
  • Wolverhampton schools’ uniform
  • Underwear (wrapped/tagged)
  • Shoes
  • Adults: Men’s/Women’s
  • Summer only & Winter

  • Secondhand
  • Marked or Soiled
  • Restrictions on Distribution
  • Highly branded (eg. Band T-shirts)
  • Logos with sexual references
  • Underwear wrapped or price/shop tag removed

Well Clothed: The Next Step…

Having received the first donation of new clothing from an ex-retailer, a project is now planning the best way to distribute it. Are you a new parent who has been overwhelmed by the generosity of family and friends and now have more new baby clothes than you know what to do with? In the current economic climate, we know that sadly some small businesses, including retailers/wholesalers, have had to close down. What about those Christmas and birthday presents that are in the back of the cupboard and you know that you’ll never wear!

Partnering with the Haven…

The first donation of clothing we received has been mainly women’s and children’s clothes. This led us to pray about who Jesus would have us support initially. The Haven Project came strongly to mind and so we are only taking referrals from them at this time. Working with one agency also enables us to ‘test out’ and refine how we take referrals. Our Heavenly Father places immense value on each person He has made. Our aim is to express this by giving new, unworn clothing to those referred to us.