Information For Agencies

The Well is currently connected to over 150 Statutory and Voluntary Agency Teams and Churches across Wolverhampton Borough, and surrounding areas. We receive referrals from all types of organisations, working with people in a wide variety of situations.

We wish to support you in your work with those in crisis.

On this website you will find detailed information on our opening hours, process, what we provide etc.

For essential information on our referral process please
download our Information For Referral Agencies PDF here.


Main Points For Referral Agencies:

  • The Well provides emergency food/toiletries/baby items for people experiencing a temporary financial crisis. This extends to 5 parcels in a 6 month period
  • Each parcel contains 3 days of nutritionally balanced tinned and dried food for each person in the household
  • The aim of The Well is to support those in crisis whilst long term support is put in place, rather than create a cycle of dependency.
  • We rely on the agencies who partner with us to assess the need for emergency food.
  • All referrals are received by phone (Tel: 01902 256523)
  • We require the person/family’s main details to enable us to respond
  • All parcels are delivered either to the person’s address or your office for collection
  • We do not take referrals direct from the public, as we believe in working together with you as an agency/church
  • We do not give out food from our warehouse under any circumstances. All food is delivered – this is part of our support to the person/family in need


New Referral Agencies

If you have just heard about The Well & wish to partner with us, please contact our office before making your first referral so that we can take the details of your organisation and answer any queries you may have regarding our service.