Children in Wolverhampton are preparing to add some extra snap, crackle and pop to their usual morning routine!

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(Pupils at Woodfield Primary School, Penn receiving their first delivery)

A partnership between Kelloggs, His Church Charity, Wolverhampton Council & The Well was launched last week to deliver free healthy breakfast cereals to schools/nurseries/other projects providing breakfast clubs(or who want support in starting one).
Deliveries have already been made to 10 schools/nurseries,  with a further 10 deliveries planned this week.

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(Staff at Bilston & Eastfield Nurseries receiving the cereals)

If you are a Wolverhampton Borough school/nursery who has not yet signed up to this scheme, please email us at , or complete the contact form on this website. We will then pass on your details to the Coordinator at the Council.

Other Foodbanks & community projects working across the City who provide breakfast items will also be able to benefit from Kellogg’s initiative during the year.

For further information on the scheme, go to Kelloggs website  or hashtag  #‎giveachildabreakfast‬ on Twitter