2014 has been an astonishing year for us at The Well!

We have known the grace of Christ in so many ways and are continually overwhelmed by the generosity of so many Churches, Businesses and individuals. The Well has truly become a CITY community project!

During this year we have had the privilege of hosting small groups from a number of local businesses, giving a ‘community day’ of service. We are always happy to do this, as we think businesses expressing a commitment to social responsibility is a fabulous idea, as well as an expression of the Kingdom of God in the City!  If every worker in every business in our City were allowed to give one day to community work each year our City would be transformed – now there’s an idea!

It’s always fun to have young people volunteer with us. This year it has included a group from The Challenge for the 3rd year, and students from local schools on work experience.

Harvest and Christmas donations have been overwhelming – we have enjoyed the challenge of sorting through the Lord’s food mountain!!!

The sad truth of the level of need across the City is something we don’t celebrate. There are days when the phone does not stop ringing, which is hard with the current limit of parcels we have to deliver. As you read this, please pray, or if not a person of faith, then remember in your heart, those who are struggling financially in Wolverhampton. May our City get to the point where there is no need for foodbanks.

One of the greatest joys for us is to meet or speak to so many people as they drop off food or make referrals. Wolverhampton is full of caring people!

…and so, as we end this year, and look forward to 2015, or final thanks go to Our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus, who came into this world as a vulnerable baby, born to refugees with nowhere to stay. Jesus identified himself with our frailty, so that we may know His love, life, hope, joy, peace and eternal purposes. He is the CEO of this Project, and has enabled us to do this work this year. To grow from feeding 67 people in 2006 to 9000 in 2014, without statutory funding or grants, is an example of His faithfulness.

We pray, as you read this, if you know HIM, your faith will be strengthened, and if you don’t yet know HIM, this will be the start of your journey to experience HIS life for yourself.

With Much Love & Blessings to you all

Gary & Caroline xxx